Honors College

Hi I am a senior interested in the Honors College at UAH. Does anyone have any experience with this program? I want to to do this in addition to ChemE but I’m not sure if doing both will be manageable.

My son is in the honors college, but he has yet to take a class in two years. The biggest problem that he has had is that he entered UAH with 56 AP/dual enrollment credits. A lot of the classes are ones he had credits for, and he was not going to repeat something.

Yikes. I might be in the same boat as your son. Does he have a plan for trying to get honors credit? I saw on the Honors website that you can make any class an honors class, but I am not looking forward to the possibility of taking Honors Thermodynamics.

@sebrown21, Honors College is an unique experience for our students. The classes are smaller and the content discussed in each class is explored a little more thoroughly. Also, our Honors College has a specified residence hall, providing Honors students with a close-knit community of their peers. As far as where all of your classes will fall in your desired curriculum, feel free to reach out to our Honors College Advisor at any time! http://www.uah.edu/honors/faculty-staff

sebrown21: My son’s plan is that he probably will never take an honors class. He is fine with this, too. His classes are 300 or 400 level. He has a double major and a minor. He just cannot fit more into his schedule.

Honors College is worth it just for Frank Franz hall! :stuck_out_tongue:

We looked at UAH and Dr. Wilkerson (head of honors program) seemed dynamic and engaging. Maybe you could reach out to him.

@SouthFloridaMom9, is there a huge difference between Frank Franz and CCRH? We toured FF, but have nothing to compare it with. Also, we like that there is at least one Engineering floor on CCRH, which seems like it would be helpful. Our daughter is also planning on Chemical Engineering. If she signs up for Honors at the beginning, what happens if she falls below the Honors GPA at the end of the first semester? Would she have to move out of FF? Also, is there any drawback to not continuing with honors after the first year if it seems too hard to get the honors classes or if they would simply be too much of a load?

@GeorgiaMom50 , FF is identical to CCRH in it’s suite-style floor plan; FF is just a newer facility. If a student falls below the GPA requirement of a 3.25, they are placed on “probation” for 1 semester, which gives the student a chance to bring their GPA back up to the requirement. The student is allowed to remain in FF during the probation period. If the GPA is not restored to the 3.25 after the probation semester, the student will then move out of FF into another residence hall. As far as difficulty scheduling honors classes goes, the Honors College Advisor does an excellent job of working individually with each student to ensure they get the classes and honors credits they need to receive the Honors Diploma when they graduate!

@GeorgiaMom50 - sorry for the delay in my response - we only toured FF.

Wishing you all the best with your search!

Thank you, @SouthFloridaMom9. We were impressed with FF, too. We love that all students at UAH have their own bedroom.

My son is in honors, but could not live in FF because of an athletic commitment. That said, he believes the students in CCRH seem to have more fun than those in FF. FF is much nicer because it is newer, but the distance between the dorm and many places on campus is often overlooked. CCRH is also attached to the conference training center, which is the home of Charger Cafe. On the nights when it pours, you are glad you need to walk down the hall for dinner.