Honors Day 2017

Are any students/parents on the board planning to attend Honors Day 2017 at California Lutheran? We are considering going, as there is an opportunity to interview for a full tuition scholarship, but have not made a decision yet. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who’s familiar with the process or considering attending this year.

Did you go to the first honors day? My daughter is going to the second one. If you went already can you share your experience?

@milo04 - We are also attending the one next week, so I don’t have any insights. If anyone else out there attended, please share your experience.

Congrats to all Cal Lutheran Honors Day Scholarship Recipients! We got our letter today!

@goodluck2017 - congrats to you! My daughter did not get a full scholarship, but received a nice plus-up to her prior scholarship, so CLU is still among our favored options at this point. Honors Day was nicely organized and enjoyable, according to her.

Best of luck to those who have accepted Cal Lu as their school of choice for the upcoming fall. It’s a wonderful school.