Honors Program

<p>what would be the advantages/disadvantages to the honors program at slo?</p>

<p>from what i’ve seen, UC’s with honors students allow them to have priority registration, along with other things, but priority registration seems like the greatest advantage. does slo offer this to its honor kids?</p>

<p>also, the requirements said you need 2/3 things: act/sat score, gpa, or 2 4’s on ap tests. the thing is i wont have 2 4s until this summer. does that still make me eligible?</p>

<p>No priority... but you will be able to register for honors versions of your "major support" and "general education" courses. This is an advantage because you are guaranteed a spot. Also, honors courses tend to have the best faculty.</p>

<p>I definitely guarantee the program. </p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>