<p>Anyone who’s going… are you gonna be in honors? or anyone who’s there… can you tell me anythin about the program? i’m considering it.</p>

<p>isn't the honors program really hard to get into? i was reading on the website that they only choose like 65 students or something. that's harder than some uc's i know! but yeah, i'm considering doing it.</p>

<p>yaa they admit an incoming freshman class of 65-85 students. </p>

<p>i talked to some lady from the honors department and she said to apply and if i don't get in, i can get in at the end of fall quarter if i get a minimum cumulative Cal Poly GPA of 3.3.</p>

<p>i looked at it online and it have 3 criteria, and if u matched 2 of the 3 you could get into the program.</p>

<p>the three were: 3.75 gpa (idk weighted or unweighted, probly the UC/CSU weighted), 27 ACT (or relative sat score), or 2 4's on AP tests.</p>

<p>i hit the act and ap score criteria, so i think im in. does anyone whos in the honors program want to talk about it, advantages/disadvantages?</p>

<p>Disadvantages: Watch the honors video that they have online.. no offense, but it doesn't seem to be appealing whatsoever.</p>

<p>Advantages: (If you watch the video), you get to order pizza on a friday night together! yay! Oh yeah, and I guess you get to be one of the cool kids on campus.</p>

<p>"I guess you get to be one of the cool kids on campus."</p>

<p>If you're in the honors program, I highly doubt anyone will see you on campus since you'll be glued to your dorm room studying 24/7.</p>

<p>...that's just my opinion ;)</p>

<p>are you really forced to study that much more just cuz ur an honors kid?</p>

<p>no, but when you live with a bunch of kids who do, you basically have no choice. :-p</p>

<p>i guess that's true.. but if i end up gettin in honors..
i guess i'll be the wierd one that actually has a social life!</p>