Hopkins CTY-worthwhile?

<p>D just received invitation. Will research on-line because we never heard of this. Scam, waste of time, or worthwhile?? Helpful in admittance process? She is bright, works hard, but would not be considered gifted or brilliant. Input/experience is appreciated.</p>

<p>How old is your daughter? Generally these programs are for younger (not yet in high school) students, correct?
I went to this program many years ago and loved it. It was absolutely worth it for me. It will not matter at all in college admissions since it was in middle school, but it was worth it nonetheless. I made lots of friends, learned a lot, and got a little more responsible :D
Colleges do like to see academic enrichment programs on your transcript, but again only in high school.</p>

<p>i did it. it is definitely not a scam. are you talking about the summer program or the distance education? I did summer program. Either way you take classes that are very interesting. For college, it wont be helpful necessarilly in the admission process, but it shows that your daughter did something other than go to the beach during the summer(if its the summer program). I really need more info. Distance ed or summer session?</p>

<p>Distance ed was not worth it for me. I tried it and even my 7th grade self knew it was a waste of my parents' $</p>

<p>I took the distance thing as well. It was just so-so. It forced me to write, which was good, but I wasn't really writing things that I liked all that much. If your daughter is not getting stimulated in school in some subject area, I would recommend it so she can get some good instruction.</p>

<p>CTY was a life changing experience for me. It is definetly not a scam, and unlike other things you may recieve in the mail, this has teeth because it is selective. I give it my highest recomondation to anyone who had the oppurtunity to attend. I can answer any questions about the summer program. I have done 4 years of it and my sister has done 2.</p>

<p>it has teeth? WHAT</p>

<p>a colloquial phrase meaning its worthwhile.</p>

<p>haha..i've never heard that phrase before.</p>

<p>Greendayfan, reading might help you out there</p>

<p>Do you think I don't read? I do. I just happen to have never come across that word. Although I did infer that it meant 'worthwhile.' Ahh why do I get the feeling you were implying I'm stupid..that's mean Mallomar.</p>

<p>I attended and really didn't like it. Just wasn't for me. My friend who attended loved it and attended for the next few years. It's a good experience for people, but I don't think it's worth the money for their program which is like $3000. Not really that selective, either.</p>

<p>I just spent some time on the web site and it appears that you pay a fee for testing, so that you might be invited to pay tuition for an "experience" (summer or distance). My d is only in middle school. I probably shouldn't have used the word "scam", but how many did this as a 6-8 grader and found it rewarding and worth their time/parents $? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>no other message</p>

<p>Just to clarify, CTY runs more than one program:</p>

<p>1) residential summer programs (the life-changing experience)
2) distance courses
3) some kind of colloqium series I think?
4) annual talent search for kids in elementary or middle school</p>

<p>I've done #2 since seventh grade, and I've liked it a lot. It enabled me to skip, in all, three years of math and a year of programming. However, it's not for everyone. Make sure your kid will do the work through her own inspiration, not because of you. Oh and I've always done math/computer science courses, which are self-paced. I don't know how the writing courses are.</p>

<p>As for #1, I guess it's worth it if you don't think that amount of money is too much (or if she can get one of the scholarships). Everyone I know who went learned a ton, had an awesome time, and made lifelong (er, at least high-school-long) friends that they see later at competitions and reunions and sch.</p>

<h1>4 is nice at the time, but it'll never mean anything ever again. Unless I guess if you qualify for the Study of Exceptional Talent (SET) cause you get a free copy of a magazine for gifted kids.</h1>

<p>Yeah, you have to pay the fee for the SAT and a CTY fee I think. It's like $35, if I remember correctly. If your child makes the cutoff there's no obligation to do the CTY summer program. My brother's going to take the SAT for CTY this year also.</p>

<p>It might be a good idea to take the test. The possibility of getting an award or something is never a bad thing.</p>

<p>sponsor CTY, so I'm sure that she wouldn't get any credit that would allow her to place out of required courses. With a school, a heavy ec load, and needed personal & "down" time, I don't think on-line courses are her thing. Everyone appears to have great things to say about the summer program. With her not being a "genius" or overly gifted, will the above average, all-around student fit in and enjoy the summer session, or is it mostly for the focused, incredibly bright individual. I would like to expose her to as many opportunities as possible, but if she's interested, would like to at least assure her that she will find students that she has common interests with.</p>

<p>Yes, because I am that "above average, all around student" and I enjoyed CTY immensely. There are geniuses there, incredibly smart kids, but I think being around so many kids that are so intelligent just stimulates your mind more. It's as much a social experience as it is an academic one, and it definitely helped me to better understand myself. Highly recommend the summer programs... distance ed not so much.</p>

<p>I agree with becchalk - I fall into the same category and yet CTY's summer programme was one of the best times of my life... I'd recommend CTY Ireland (CTYLancaster isn't bad either, but I prefer CTYI). You get to go around to places like the Omni mall, Blanchardstown, and Croke park on the weekends. I took game theory and computer applications at CTYI, and I had a great time. There's loads of awesome people there - not everyone is a child prodigy, there are a lot of well-rounded people that are great to talk to and I've made lots of wonderful friends =)</p>