Hopkins vs Penn

hi guys! i already made a thread that was sort of vague about my options, but i wanted to create a more specific one. i also will mention that i wanna study public health

Hopkins Pros

  • incredible financial aid
  • #1 for public health and world-renowned
  • amazing research
  • no core curriculum, which will leave me more room to take other classes
  • decently close to home, so good location with no travel costs
  • student organizations arent selective

Hopkins Cons

  • i struggle a lot with anxiety, and I’m just worried about the vibe of the campus and the social scene since i cannot visit due to covid

Penn Pros

  • amazing majors that are a bit broader (great for a lot of different things)
  • ivy league status (i know that’s annoying… but it helps maybe?)
  • philly is seriously so so so so gorgeous
  • beautiful campus and seems like there are constantly things to do
  • also close to home, so no travel costs

Penn Cons

  • way more pricey (not unbearable… but i would be in a great amount of debt for the 4 years together)
  • pretty strict curriculum with a lot of required classes (in my opinion)
  • social environment seems sort of exclusive
  • expensive parties
  • selective student organizations

i truly appreciate the help :)))

I think you answered your own question with your first line: “incredible financial aid” vs Penn conns: “great amount of debt”. Frankly JHU has Ivy League status, so I don’t see any advantage at Penn.

thank you so much! you have been a huge help :)))

If you want a fun social life experience then it’s Penn hands down. If you care about prestige, penn once again. If you are looking for a calmer experience and less pace, Hopkins. If it’s strictly for the program, Hopkins.

If Penn requires more than the $27K max in student loans you can take out over 4 years ($5.5K/$6.5/$7.5/$7.5), then I would choose JHU. Any loans greater than those yearly maximums will be on your parents. JHU is top notch for public health as well, although of course Penn is no slouch either.

Both of these campuses can be intense in terms of academic rigor and student body, so just make sure you address you mental health via whatever means work for you.

Good luck!

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How much debt are you talking about and who’s paying it?

Remember if you are truly interested in Public Health you will likely go on to Grad school after. Save your money and go to JHU. Top program for your major, less expensive…Tough to see a real reason to go to Penn

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Debt v no debt = your answer.

UPenn is not more prestigious than JHU.

JHU has a super program with Bloomberg in which you can get your BA/MPH in 5 years. So far all the students that I have known who did that graduated straight into really interesting jobs.

If Public Health requires grad school then avoid debt for undergrad. I wouldn’t take on a large amount of debt when you got great aid at Hopkins.

Go to Penn. It will be well worth the extra $$ in the long run. More importantly, you will have more fun. Penn students are confident, enterprising, social, and curious (and yes they study hard like JHU students too). And nowadays the Penn campus is probably safer than JHU.

update :))) I committed to hopkins!


I truly appreciate everyone’s help :pleading_face:

Fully appreciated your sharing with us. Congratulations! Great school. Have a great 4 years there.

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thank you so much! i really really appreciate the kind words :)))