Housekeeping Questions

Hi all - I have a few questions that I just do not see answers too & would appreciate any answers you can give me.

  • How do I subscribe to a thread so that I get email notices when a new message is posted?
  • I used to get email notifications to older threads, but do not anymore, how do I fix that?
  • Is is possible to subscribe to a certain school so that anytime someone posts a new thread I will get a notification?


@CCadmin_Sorin, can you look into this? Thanks!

@Kat2013, unfortunately it is not possible to get email notifications on new posts. The option for you would be to bookmark certain threads, so that you get notifications when something new is being posted on those discussions.

Unfortunately, there is no way to subscribe to certain subforums (i.e. schools).

Hope this helps,


Sorin, is there any discussion of adding this? I have noticed that the school forums below the top handful are just dead since the transition. Some were reasonably lively before, but not any more. With no color coding for updates or subscribing, it is hard for posters with good knowledge of a school to track when a question is asked or something of interest is posted. It would help us help new students and parents to add this functionality back in.

@intparent, thanks for the feedback. This is something that has been brought up several times. While we recognize the value, unfortunately, we were not yet able to find a viable solution to address it. We are constantly looking at options, so hopefully we’ll have some good news to share soon.

@ccadmin_sorin, can you give us some idea where the activity indicator feature is on the priority list? We have been hearing “hopefully soon” answers for two years. Has there been any progress at all?

@tikimom, so far there hasn’t been any progress that we can report back to the community. As soon as we’ll have updates, we’ll let you know. Thanks!