Housing Deposit?

Hi all,
I was accepted to UNR awhile ago and it is my safety school. My top school is SF State, which is also fairly easy to get into but I haven’t heard back yet and probably won’t until March. If I get into SFSU I’m definitely not going to UNR, and I just can’t see myself not getting into SF State as it isn’t competitive at all. Because of this, I’m hesitant to apply for housing at UNR because I don’t want to spend the $325 deposit quite yet if I don’t even think I’ll be attending, and I’ll have to pay for it myself which would make me unable to pay for the SFSU housing deposit until mid-March (if I get in it before then). Housing at SFSU is extremely limited so I’d have to be extremely quick. So on to the question:

How late can I wait to apply for housing at UNR and still get a dorm? Ideally I want to wait until after I know whether or not I got into SF State, but I’m not sure if mid/late march is too late.