Housing? Loop or Lincoln Park?

So I was recently admitted to CDM for Film and Television Writing, and I’m planning on accepting the offer this week. However, I want to apply for housing ASAP. I was just wondering, for those of you who attend or who have kids who’ve attended - is it a necessity for CDM students to live on the Loop campus? I really want to live at the Lincoln Park campus, just because I like the social vibe and the environment better, but I want to know if that would be detrimental to my education/experience. Thanks!

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I’m sure a ton of students commute to downtown from home as well as from LP, so if you choose LP you’re be with plenty of company. It’s what, a 20 min commute by train and you’re not going thru any bad neighborhoods so to me it would be perfectly fine. There is a convenience factor that you would have to take into account if you had a lot of downtime in between classes and you stayed in downtown, but to me it’s no big deal.