Housing Programs?

<p>Which housing programs does everyone recommend (Living Learning Program, Connections, Transitions, Honors House)? I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on the different programs, as I am not sure which would do (mainly what to choose between LLP and Connections).</p>

<p>Also, what dorms do you recommend applying for through the different programs? I am hoping to be an engineering major, pending acceptance…</p>

<p>well santa lucia and the north mtn. halls are for engineering majors, so that would be cool for you if you were interested in doing projects, activities, clubs, etc that are within your major...</p>

<p>i'm an arch applicant and i want to be in sequoia because apparently they do cool projects.</p>

<p>connection is just like standard for freshman (yosemite/sierra madre). i don't think there is anything special that sets it apart from any of the other dorms.</p>

<p>cool thanks for the info... i applied for general engineering, but considering switching to architectural engineering with an emphasis on acoustics (if cal poly will do something like that). Are you allowed to apply to a dorm outside of your major, such as if i applied to sequoia?</p>

<p>you can apply to any dorm! on the application, you pick your top 3 choices!</p>

<p>Yeah I applied for Sequoia too even though my major correlates with the Fremont dorm. I applied Sequoia, Tenaya, and then Trinity, so none of my top 3 were my actual major's designated dorm. </p>

<p>If you can, go to Cal Poly to check out the dorms in person because the layouts are quite different in certain buildings. The LLP red brick (Trinity, Muir, Sequoia, Fremont, Tenaya, Santa Lucia) dorms are rather short and wide while the Connections gray dorms (Yosemite, Sierra Madre) are narrower and much longer. </p>

<p>From word of mouth, I always thought that the Connections dorms were bigger and better but I found that the red brick dorms had a lot more character and just seemed newer and more homey, y'know? That's why my top 3 are alllll red brick dorms. </p>

<p>But whatever you choose, brick, gray, transfer, or honors, Cal Poly has some great dorms compared with that of other schools I've seen. You'll most likely be happy wherever you end up. :)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>haha i noticed that the gray dorms exude a sort of..."trapped in an attic" vibe. like seriously!</p>

<p>glad i wasn't the only one to pick that up. :D</p>

<p>hahah for sure.</p>

<p>i like the bricks too, it is much more dormy and stuff! i am so excited. you don't even know. the pressure is like building on me to get in. there is always the possibility that architecture won't accept me and then i will probably start crying. haha maybe.</p>

<p>hopefully i won't have to.

<p>sweet. i visited cal poly a while ago and never got to see any of the dorms... not much for living in attics though, so i think i'll stick to the brick.</p>

<p>i'm currently living in the dorms at yosemite...
yosemite and seirra madre dorms are the furtherst away from camps, (10-15 min walk to class) and unlike the red bricks, are split up into different towers. There are 12 rooms on each floor with a shared commom area in the middle, and four floors per tower, with the bottom being the triples/quads.
the tv lounge/study room/game room is in a separate tower of its own, so it's kind of a pain if u need to go there to study/pick up your mail/whatever and it's cold and raining out.
on the plus side, the bathrooms aren't shared by as many people, and the rooms are a lot bigger with plenty of closet space.
after seeing my friend's in the red bricks, i love my yosemite dorm. it's just a bit far is all.</p>

<p>the red bricks are closer to the main part of campus, and set up more like a traditional dorm with halls. there's three floors with two different wings, one side girls and the other guys. in between is a common area for each floor. downstairs there is a main lounge w/ tv study room, game room, ect.
the rooms are smaller and triples there are extremely cramped.</p>

<p>is there even a triples option?</p>

<p>i don't really want one, but is it cheaper?</p>

<p>yes it is cheaper! and yes even though they're opening cerro vista to freshman, there will still be the lottery process for triples. D:</p>

<p>yeah i like the red brick buildings more than the new residence halls, actually...</p>

<p>What does everyone think about stenner glen? Its off campus housing but its way closer to the business school than any other dorms on campus and it still has the dorm like set up. I'm thinking about doing that but its hard casue I want the typical "freshman dorm" experience, so I don't know</p>

<p>try to get on campus if you can.
even if it's close to the business school, you'll have classes in all the other buildings as well</p>

<p>does anyone know when they will be opening the housing app for us regular decision folks?</p>

<p>on thursday, March 13th. Thats what it says on the portal</p>

<p>Arrrgggg. Does that mean that all acceptance notifications will have been sent out by then? I mean, is it a first-come-first-serve kind of thing?</p>

<p>That seemed really soon to me, so I searched and found that according to this Cal Poly timeline, the regular decision housing app opens on April 5th.</p>

<p>Cal</a> Poly > timeline</p>

<p>Oh good. :) Collegeboard.com keeps reminding me on my home page that the housing deposit is due in a couple of days for ED students. Maybe that's the one. :)</p>