How am I doing so far? Sophomore year

Hello! I want to apply to several top tier schools but I want to make sure I’m on the right track. I plan on majoring in CS and maybe a minor in German or something.

PSAT: 1260
SAT: Taking it in March for the first time
GPA: 3.914 weighted
Class Rank: forgot but I’m in top 15% (I’m trying to get in top 10)

Former Library Volunteer (6 months)
Beta Club
German Club
Varsity Track and Cross Country (I’m planning on running D1 and know I can get my times down to be competitive and I’m nationally ranked)
Technology Student Association (this is the club’s first year and I’m trying to get a leadership role in it)
I’m planning to work over the summer also

9th grade courses:
Accelerated Gifted Geometry
Accelerated Algebra (8th grade)
Biology (8th grade)
Gifted Chemistry
AP Human Geography
Computer Science Principles
Gifted English

10th grade courses:
German 1
Accelerated Precal (got moved down one level due to struggling with mental health)
AP World History
AP Physics 1
Gifted English 10

DE Courses:
Stat and an art elective to be in the STEAM program at school

11th grade courses:
AP Calc BC
AP Chem
AP Seminar or Research (forgot which one it is)
German 2 Honors
Sports Medicine

Summer: Hopefully take German 3 Honors so I can have AP German, I love this language btw

12th grade courses:
DE Calc
aP Physics C
British literature honors
AP Seminar or Research
AP Gov/AP Econ
AP german if I take German 3 over summer

I think you are definitely on the right track. Just by looking at your planned courses I can distinguish the subjects that you are more passionate about. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you get good scores on the standardized tests! Good Luck! :slight_smile: