How are international student admission rates at UVa?

<p>In particular, is there any way of finding out the exact number of Singaporeans currently studying at UVa?</p>

<p>Are they more stringent with international applicants than say, out-of-staters?</p>

<p>You probably have the same chance at getting into UVa as any other out-of-state student. I think UVa treats all out-of-staters the same. </p>

<p>I tried to find out the number of people at UVa from Singapore, but couldn't find that info. over the net. Perhaps you should talk to someone from the UVa Club of Singapore. Most UVa Clubs have send-off parties for incoming first year students right before they fly over to Virginia for their freshman year. Your local club might know how many Singaporeans are currently at UVa. </p>

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<p>Alright. Thanks!</p>