How are student life and academics?

I heard that the student life here is really boring…Is that true? I’m super interested in going but I want to be surrounded by people that want to be there and I want a campus with a good social experience. Are there a lot of clubs/activities to be involved with so that even if the social life isn’t that great I can still find one? Also, how are the academics (rigorous/medium/easy) and how hard is it to get straight A’s? Any answers would be really helpful! Thanks! :smiley:

@MathGuy14 As you can probably tell, there aren’t many CSUMB students active on this page. Probably shifted to FB at this point so that may be a better place to ask your question. We went to the admitted student’s day and there are definitely a variety of clubs and organizations. CSUMB has a relatively small student population and is a relatively new state university, so obviously not as established as most of the other CSUs and UCs so you may not getting all the variety you’re looking for - works for some but not for others . It’s not a school for everybody, and some don’t like the fact that it is a re-purposed military base located away from a city - we liked the vibe of the old and the new. Sounds like it may be worth a visit to get a feel for the campus. Good luck!

The school is academically fine. There are clubs and some sports. It is one of the smallest, newest CSUs and many students commute. It is also isolated a bit from Monterrey so, it doesn’t have the buzz you’ll find on/around a residential school with a long tradition like SLO or Chico.

What are your options?

I decided to go to CSUMB! Pretty excited. It has the programs I want and is affordable compared to other colleges. I Plus, it’s located in such a beautiful place! I got into Lot of UCs (Davis, Berkeley, LA, SD) but ultimately decided on CSUMB because of price. Thanks for the insight everyone!

Congrats and good luck!