How are these

<p>Hi guys
From India here and planning to apply ED to Colgate . How are the scores ? -
Total - 1430</p>

<p>SAT - II
760 Math IIC
730 Math IC
680 Writing</p>



<p>colgates middle 50% SAT range is
600-690 Verbal
610-700 Maths
financial aid 41%</p>

<p>Your verbal is just under the 75% of the average applicant pool - so maybe raise that up a little to about 680-700? But I think your 660 is still strong. Your maths score is awesome. And love your SAT IIs. I don't know how TOEFL works, so I dont know about that.
I think if you dont need FA at all, you'll definetly get in. Even with need for Financial aid, you'll still be a strong applicant.
But beware of colgate's students - their student body's reputation is - rich, white, snobby. But they have awesome parties.</p>

<p>The TOEFL score is very good. Perhaps you should have said it is 227-283/300. Unless your essay is not in English or it is about other topic, you are not going to have a 0 score on it. So your final score will be over 250/300, which is an awesome score!
Most schools want your score to be over 213, and the most competitive ones over 250 (I don't know about Colgate), so you are fine.

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<p>Your numerical stats are better than mine. But you are from India and I am from Panama :p</p>

<p>With a solid academic record and some descent activity you have a good chance.</p>

<p>Don't plan to apply ED, APPLY ED1 NOW!!</p>

<p>Got TOEFL 277</p>