How can I convince my mom to let me go to utk?

My mom refuses to help at all if I go to utk because she has heard that it’s a party school. I have absolutely no intentions of partying if I go there though. I want to go because its a reasonable price and I’ve heard they have a good biology program. How can I convince my mom to let me go there?

Any state flagship is a party school for partiers. That accounts for a lot of the dropout rate. Any college is a party school for partiers. But of course large research colleges also have a lot of serious students. Does it have an honors college you could get admitted to either at admission or after? Can you find some info about what research undergrads get involved in to show her? Where does she want you to go?

What school does she want you to go to, what are the costs of the schools, and what are your academic interests?

Does she have any reason to believe you will bow to peer pressure and become a drunk? I could not determine from their site if they have any sober dorms. Theoretically all dorms for 18 year olds are alcohol free but most colleges now have specific dorms for non partiers. They do have honors dorms which I would bet would be quieter. Why don’t you take the initiative and email the housing department and ask what dorms would fit your mother’s criteria? If she sees there are some non partiers and you have a plan maybe she’ll relent. I think you are being very mature for choosing a state flagship. As a resident of a neighboring state I think it’s a good school and had no idea it had a huge party image. Good luck to you.

What other schools have you been accepted to and what reasons, other then drinking which happens just about everywhere, does your mom give for wanting you to go there. Is cost or distance a barrier?

Are you a junior or a senior? If you are a senior, are you saying you have not taken the SAT or ACT at all yet?

If you are a junior, you have a lot of time to look at colleges…and come to an agreement about applications with your parents.

I found it. you are a homschooled high school sophomore this year.

At this point, stop trying to convince your mom about ANY college. You have at least a full year before you need to firm up ideas about college applications…never mine where you will go. In the meantime, give your mom good reason to believe that you can and will make good judgements when you go away to college.