How can I get a high gpa at William & Mary?

Hi guys,

I am an incoming freshman to the College of William & Mary. From what I have heard from others and from my research, William & Mary is an extremely academically challenging school. I currently go to a high school in NoVa and classes are pretty easy here. I was wondering how I can better prepare myself to be able to achieve a high gpa next year at W&M as I want to go down the pre-med path.

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Audit your premed classes at your local state college in the summer. For instance, do gen chem this summer, and then take it for credit at William & Mary during the school year. If you don’t have access to audit it a local college, then do the online CLEP course at That way, you’ll already have seen the material once, and recently. You’ll then be able to compete with the students who’ve already taken all their sciences at the AP level.

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