How can I maximize my chances as a SLO Transfer?

I am considering attending community college then transferring to a four year for mechanical engineering. My top choice is Cal Poly SLO. I am in state. What should I do during community college in order to have the best chance of being admitted to CPSLO for ME? Is there an admission guarantee (such as TAG for the UC’s) for CPSLO? What is a target GPA I should have and number of EC hours? Thanks!

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  1. Cal states give priority to local CC transfers so attending one of the colleges in the SLO local service area will help.

Each program is impacted. Students whose home domicile is within
San Luis Obispo, southern Monterey, and northern Santa Barbara Counties may be assigned additional points in the multi-valued selection criteria.

  1. Completing all required and recommended courses prior to transfer with a competitive GPA 3.5+

Required Courses

English Language Communication and Critical Thinking

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication/English Composition
  • Critical Thinking


  • MATH 141/Calculus I
  • MATH 142/Calculus II
  • MATH 143/Calculus III
  • MATH 241/Calculus IV
  • MATH 244/Linear Analysis I


  • PHYS 141/General Physics I
  • PHYS 132/General Physics II
  • PHYS 133/General Physics III


  • CHEM 124/General Chemistry for Engineering I (Class must equal 5-semester-units)


  • CHEM 124/General Chemistry for Engineering I
  • CHEM 125/General Chemistry for Engineering II

Major Related

  • MATE 210/Materials Engineering
  • ME 211/Engineering Statics
  • EE 201/Electric Circuit Theory
  • CSC 231/Programming for Engineering Students
    or CSC 234/C and Unix
    or CPE 101/Fundamentals of Computer Science I

Desired Courses

Major Related

  • ME 228/Engineering Design Communication

Thank you !

Quick question for you: I was accepted to SLO for Fall 2022 but am considering going to community college first then transferring there for ME instead of Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering, which is what I was accepted for this year. Will CPSLO see this as a red flag?

Santa Barbara City College has a lot of good information about Cal Poly SLO transfers at Cal Poly SLO Transfer Selection Guides - Santa Barbara City College.

No SLO will not see you declining your acceptance now only to apply as a transfer 2 years later as a red flag. They expect a certain percentage of admitted students to not enroll for various reasons.

I would also say that targeting SLO specifically is great as a transfer but you will need to apply widely to other schools even if you can get “priority” it is still not a guarantee of admission.

2021 SLO Transfer profile for College of Engineering:
GPA: 3.35 – 3.87
Admit Rate: 12.93%

The 2021-2022 Target projections shows 48 transfer spots for 583 applicants for ME.

I personally would consider pursuing the BRAE major, try to do a change of a major at SLO and if not successful, you still have the option to stay with your current major or transfer out where you can attend a school for ME. It really is your choice and what is best for you.


Regarding EC’s, any major related work will help your chances. Below is the selection criteria for SLO Transfers:

Cal poly BRAE is an amazing program. I would try it first. But up to you.

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Thanks everyone!

CPSLO doesn’t take many transfers - and the look at the the admit rate, it is a reach for all transfer aps. You should apply but, have a fall back no matter your qualifications.

Apply broadly and good luck