How can I message a particular user on this forum?

This is my first day on this forum and i saw some great contributions from users like @sgopal2 here. How exactly can i mesg one if i need to ? Parent of 2 kids from NJ and getting started with Private school journey. Thanks in advance!

I think you have to have a minimum number of substantial posts before you are allowed to send private messages.

So…contribute to the forum, ask questions, start a thread or more. Some folks would prefer to answer NOT in a private message anyway. Plus you will get a nice variety of responses.

Adding…if someone else sends you a message, you can reply.

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You need to have at least 15 posts, or comments, in threads in order to be able to PM.

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There are many helpful users on this forum. As a better alternative to messaging someone who does not know you, post your question and let others got involved.


Thanks all for quick responses. Is there a place where i can check the full forms for all abbreviated (shortened) words like “BS Forum”, “FP” ( Guessing full pay)…etc.

Here you go

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Awesome, thanks a ton!