Updates to the Membership Levels

Guys, we’ve recently reintroduced a requirement so that one is able to send Private Messages (PMs) only after reaching Junior Member (this means that New Members are no longer able to PM). This is a much needed measure as the forums have been targeted with a lot of spam PMs in recent weeks. In order to become a Junior Member one needs 15 posts. Thanks!

Hi I have 15 posts but still unable to send private messages??

@allieandjoe, please log in again so that the change kicks in. Thanks!

@CCadmin_Sorin do the 15 posts need to be new threads or can they be replies and such?

Replies count.

I should add that replies count, but if we see a series such as, “Yes!” “Great!” “No way!” we’ll probably delete them as spam. They need to be substantive comments.

I’ve been looking for an answer to this

I have been wondering this same thing. I wanted to ask a question of a member, and could not figure out where to send a PM.

It is so annoying someone saying you to PM your stats and you have no PM feature.

Are those who ordinarily cannot PM allowed to PM reply to PMs sent to them?

I.e. suppose A ordinarily cannot PM. B sends a PM to A. Can A reply by PM to B?


Yea agreed I have been asked like 6 times and cant haha

Is there an amount of time after the 15 posts to have status updated

@HTS2019, I see that the upgrade kicked in. As with any update, just log back in to speed it up the next time.

@CCadmin_Sorin just curious…what exactly are the advantages to the various levels of membership? I haven’t seen any difference…at all…

Still waiting for my CC hoodie!

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Very helpful, couldn’t figure this out.

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks