How can I report all my senior year APs to Cambridge

I am applying to Cambridge this year and currently have 4 5s (Comp sci A, Calc AB, Physics C, and statistics) as well as a few other 4s and one 3. I know that you can include predicted AP scores in your reference, but I am taking 5 AP exams in my senior year. I would like to get my teachers to predict my AP scores and have them report to Cambridge. Would I be able to send in all of my predicted scores or just one? Additionally, does my reference have to be one of the teachers to send in my predicted AP scores?

Thank you

Predictions must be given for all APs. They should be all 5s (any credible UK applicant will be predicted As and A*s). If you get a conditional offer then they can pick and choose and may specify specific subjects (certainly Calc BC if you are applying for STEM) and perhaps more than one additional 5 depending on what you are taking/what you are applying for. A “few other” 4s is a bit worrying, hopefully those are not directly relevant subjects.

And the reference has to come from a teacher, preferably in a closely related subject to what you are applying for. It has to be written in UCAS format. Don’t send a standard US reference. It’s a lot of extra work for a teacher if they don’t know the format.

What @Twoin18 said.

Your referred must list all the APs you are scheduled to take and predict a grade for each of them

Info for you referee on writing a UK LoR can be found here:

Be sure you read it first, and make sure that you have relevant info bullet-pointed for her/him. Your best choice is the teacher of the subject that you are applying to study.

Any offer you get will be based on 5 APs, which can be any combination of the achieved and predicted scores.