How Competitive is Graphic Communication at Cal Poly?

I applied to Cal Poly as a Graphic Communication major for Fall 2021 and was wondering how competitive the program was? I tried searching online for data about the average GPA/test scores/acceptance rates for specific majors at Cal Poly. All I could find was the middle 50% GPA range for the College of Liberal Arts which was 3.89-4.25. My CSU GPA is 4.07 so it certainly falls into that range.

In 2017 for Graphics Communication, Cal Poly received 289 applications and admitted 95 of them. Keep in mind Cal Poly admits more by College than major because they don’t have supplemental essays and only focus on GPA and SAT. Official GPA and SAT statistics for each individual major are not available. Seeing as you fall in the middle of the middle 50 percent, I would say your chances are pretty good.

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Ah, thank you for that information!