How do Community college transfers (esp 1 years) work?

So I don’t want to sound stupid but no one really bothered explaining to me the concept of one year transfers from ccc to UC’s, and I’m confused because I am looking into CCC as an option rather than directly a 4 year bc I probably wont get into UCSD (my first choice) with my gpa.

Like when you’re fresh out of high school do you apply in the fall? Or do you attend your community college for 2 quarters/ a semester and is there another application in the spring for transfers ? When do you actually get to attend the school as a one year transfer?
Because you complete your 60 credits most transfer to UC’s as juniors, if you complete the 60 credits in one year, do you transfer to the UC as a sophomore or a Junior?
And if you’re planning to use AP credit to transfer in one year, do they look at your high school grades as well?
I’ve heard that some UC’s don’t count credits for the 60 credits you need to transfer if you took the class in the summer. Is that just summer after your senior year ends or is that for any summer courses you may take?
What if I want to transfer into a biology major in UCSD, which is a capped major?
People online say that if you’re a transfer, especially a 1 year into a UC, your extracurriculars don’t matter much. Is this true? Also for internships n stuff, do they look down upon cc students compared to those at a 4 year?
Is it true that transfers are emotionally isolated from the rest of the students at the UC?
How hard is CC? It’s kinda looked down on but from what people say online it’s actually as hard as any UC ? To get into a UC as a transfer I’ll need close to, if not, straight A’s. So how hard will that be?

If someone answers this y’all don’t have to answer them all but any answers are much appreciated. Also, money really isn’t a factor for me because my parents will be paying so I’m considering a cc just for the sake of simplicity of transferring, I’ve heard that CCC students get priority over 4 year (like a cal state) to a UC.

Kinda unrelated ig but this question has been on my mind for a while: is it embarrassing to go to community college where you’ll see people from your HS where you were one of the “smart kids” ? Especially if you’re Asian and that stupid stereotype that you’re supposed to be top of the class?

There are probably more questions I’ll think of later but I think thats too many as it is now T-T

Oh! also if I took two math classes in the summer after 10th grade and failed (math 110 and math 115- trigonometry which equate to Algebra 2 at my HS) but I took algebra 2 and passed with an A at my hs and I’ll be taking Ap Calculus BC (probably not the best idea cuz I’m so bad at math it’s scary) will it still negatively affect my gpa if I do decide to go the community college route?

UCs take junior level transfers with at least 60 credits. You need to be ready to declare a major by then. You also need to fulfill basic UC transfer requirements:

60 credits in one year would be double normal course loads.

All transferable college courses and their grades count, including those taken while in high school. See to check transferability and transfer equivalency.

AP credit can be counted, but based on UC AP credit policies. Note that if you take a college course covering the same material as AP credit indicates, you will not get credit for both. See .

See the sticky threads at the top of for more information.

A discussion on CC about 1 year UC transfers:

If you plan to go the CC to UC transfer route, contact your CC transfer advisor and come up with a viable plan. If you do not have significant AP credit that can be used towards your transfer requirements and are not taking any classes this summer, you should expect to aim for a 2 year transfer rather than a 1 year transfer.

Also as stated above, any college courses that are UC transferable taken in HS will be on your permanent college record and will be included in your UC GPA.

As a 1 year transfer, yes you would apply this Fall for Fall 2021. Not having a significant amount of required courses completed with grades prior to the application will have a negative impact on your chances.

All classes including summer session courses (during HS or post HS) that are UC transferable are considered.

Information for UCSD Biological sciences transfer:

EC’s are still considered as part of the application just like 2 year transfers.

Every CC is different in respect to difficulty and most of the difficulty or non difficulty will be on the student. No to way to give a generalized answer.

A CC to UC transfer is not look down upon and is a proven path for so many qualified students that took a different approach to reach their goal.

CC to UC transfers get priority followed by UC to UC and CSU to UC transfers.

Without your stats its hard to offer you an appropriate advice but, I think you are doing yourself a disservice by fixating on a ‘dream school’ . If your GPA and test scores are strong but not stellar, you’ll probably be better served at another school - maybe even a CSU (all of which offer good educations and degrees with solid reputations).
that will show you the GPA and admit rate by major at each UC. As you’ll see, UCSD has a midpoint transfer GPA of 3.6+ which is no easy task at any CC.

I know several really bright kids that were ‘good in math’ that couldn’t handle AP Calc so, tread carefully there.

I’d suggest you apply really broadly as a HS senior - include some UCs, CSUs and even a private or two. See where you get in and then decide if CC to UC is the path for you.

good luck.