How do I find a roommate last minute?

I was planning on rooming with someone I met last school year. We had it planned out for almost four months before they bailed on me. Now I only have a month to find a new roommate before I’m supposed to move into my apartment. Does anyone have advice on where to look for a new roommate?

Students are connecting on the Patio app. Each college has its own Patio, so you would be connecting only with students at your college. I have also seen a lot of posts on my daughter’s college’s various Facebook accounts.
Also, some apartments near campuses will advertise for you and even do roommate matching.

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I also think that many college classes (“class of xxxx”) have Instagram pages and/or Facebook groups. Do a social media search. You could also check with your school’s residence life dept.

My son had this happen. Two roommates broke leases after resigning.

Most campus apartments seem to have individual leases meaning you lease a room. Not the entire place. If this is the case, you will either live alone at your price or they will stock someone in. This happened to my son last year…he was given two kids and it worked out.

One of the kids wanted to stay again while the other is moving on. The one who wanted to stay didn’t re-sign in time. And they won’t renew him due to the demand.

Is your lease like this or did you re-sign for the entire place ?

If it’s like the first situation, contact the leasing office. They may not give you the chance to find someone. But the flip side is you aren’t on the hook for the entire place. If you rented the place, hopefully it’s in their name too…ie they co signed. You may have to go after them to pay their share but you’d likely have the right to do so.