How do you deal with a micromanaging parent?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore and I plan to take 5-6 AP Exams this summer (Bio, US Gov, APUSH, Stat, Spanish, Macroecon). As you experienced lads can see, half of these are pretty easy exams. </p>

<p>Today, I asked my dad if I could buy some prep books from Amazon so I can get some stuff done over winter break, you know the standard stuff. These were prep books that I have been researching for about a week to make sure they were reputed and positively reviewed. However, my dad is a complete control freak, he flatly declined and gave me folders full of review sheets that he had given my brother, who got 2s and 3s. I reckon there must be thousands of pages that my silly dad printed out because he doesn't believe in review books for some odd reason. He wants me to review it all now and committed effrontery by telling me how to study and when to study even though he doesn't know what we even do in class and doesn't know that I basically planned everything out myself.</p>

<p>Overall, I just want to do it myself because I am independent for the most part. He got mad when I told him that I wanted to do it myself using those review books and forbid me from buying them and told me to do everything on his terms. The whole deal just really pi**es me off. I'm thinking of getting an Amazon gift card from the local store and just buying em anyway, I can't drive so that seems like the main solution. </p>

<p>Can anyone help?</p>

<p>I have the opposite problem. My dad buys all the prep books and I end up not studying them and instead play video games. You can borrow prep books from your local public library or from your friends.</p>