How do you feel about decorative pillows on your bed?

Ugh. Dh and I just moved. We are getting new bedding, and I am having to battle with him about the number of decorative pillows to have in our MBR on our bed. How many decorative pillows do YOU have on your bed (“decorative” defined as any pillow you do not lay your head upon for sleeping)? What are your feelings, in general, about the appropriate number of pillows to have on a bed?

It’s annoying to me to have to move too many pillows on a bed at night - or in the morning to make the bed. I believe in 2 big pillows/sham - oversized even for your bed (so maybe king pillows for a queen bed) And one decorative pillow in the middle.

I would put more emphasis on the bedding for fluff and luxury. Again, oversizing the comforter/duvet like a king size for a queen (some people even double the inside duvet), A big comfy blanket/throw on the end of the bed even folded for more volume.

Did we help @conmama with bed pillows once???

If counting pillow shams, I have 3 (2 shams with a decorative pillow between them), which is my appropriate number.

I have 2 pillows, one that I lay my head on, the other for symmetry on my queen bed.

We have two sleeping pillows for each of us (my H and me) and no decorative pillows.

We have 2 pillows - neither decorative - one each for my head and my husband’s head

Regular pillows only on the bed for sleeping. Gave up any decorative pillows many years ago. When I visit my sister, it drives me crazy. I have to remove 3 decorative pillows off the bed and figure out where to stash them just to be able to go to sleep at night! As you can probably tell, I’m over decorative pillows!

Lol. I’m the pillow freak. I use 2 regular pillows to sleep with - even in hotels I ask for extra. H also has 2 regular ones. And then 4 sham pillows (2black, 2 that match the comforter) then 2 small decorative pillows. And then one star wars body pillow that the cats love to snooze on.

We have a giant bedroom that’s mostly empty, so dumping it on the floor isn’t a problem. The kids used to use our room as a playroom to stage their battle scene plays for us.

No decorative pillows here. I think I tried some shams at some point, and husband just assumed he should sleep on them.

We each have two regular bed pillows…and zero decorative pillows.

Decorative pillow is like an oxymoron as far as I can see.

I should clarify - when I said 2 pillow/shams what I really mean is two pillow each that we actually sleep on - one of each which might be more decorative of a pillowcase or sham - and then one decorative pillow. So only one decorative pillow to toss to the side when we go to bed.

My H usually makes the bed because I’m up and off to work before he even gets up. Anything more complicated would probably just drive me batty (and him too!)

Battle of the pillows. When bed is fully made there has to be 10 pillows?
I use 1 hard pillow. My wife uses 3 or 4 soft pillows. All of the rest get stacked up on a chair every night?

Sidenote @ hoggirl MBR is no longer being used in NJ as it was deemed offensive. It is now known as the main bedroom, owners bedroom, big bedroom or any other insanely descriptive room?

We sleep with 2 pillows each and have 8 decorative pillow on the bed.

We have a cedar chest at the foot on the bed that holds all the pillows at night.

@momofsenior1 - do they go IN the cedar chest or on it?

For those of you that say you have no decorative pillows at all - what kind of bedspread/comforter/duvet/quilt coverlet do you have? Do these only-pillows-that-you-sleep-on wear shams during the day that you remove at night? Or are they just hanging out in pillow cases on top or ???

@BmacNJ - wow. I had no idea master bedroom was considered offensive! It sounds as though you and your dear wife are in the same struggle that dh and I are currently having!

@abasket - so you have your sleeping pillows in shams that you remove each night? Sounds like two pillows each, one of which has a sham. But you don’t remove the sham for sleeping? I would rather remove a pillow than a sham.

@abasket , yes, I had this dilemma last fall after the fire. So, we initially had 7 decorative pillows and are now down to 3.

2 king to hide the sleeping pillows and one in the center of those.

I really enjoy making my bed more now. I love decorative pillows, but they are a hassle I was willing to part with.

I have done both ways. Used to have one pillow each just in a pillow case and then one pillow each in a sham (these were used more from behind the regular pillow to lift our heads a bit. Right now we each have two pillows and they just have different but coordinating pillow cases. I still vote for bigger pillows or generous pillow cases so they don’t get that awkward “this pillow case is too small for the pillow” situation.

Side note: I’m not spending a lot on any pillow case or sham. Usually from HomeGoods. All need to be easily washed and retain shape.

DH and I agree… no decorative pillows. We have found that we use more and more normal pillows - usually 4. They live under the comforter during the day. The look is not beautiful, just functional.

In addition to my actual functional pillows, I have 5 decorative pillows for a king-size bed: two standard size in a decorative sham, two accent pillows for each of those, and one tapestry pillow in between. My bedding is all from Country Curtains (solid color matelasse bedspread and dust ruffle plus “Jacobean” floral shams etc.). I spend a lot of time propped up in my bed reading, so I like lots of pillows.

Do your two pillows that hide the sleeping pillows match whatever type of comforter/quite/spread you use? You have four king pillows - two that are decorative and two you sleep on? Then the decorative is a different print? How big/what shape is your decorative pillow? We also have a king bed, and while I don’t want to be ridiculous with pillows, I do feel there should be a certain scale.