How do you know if your Nominator and Recommender submit their forms?

I was talking to my Nominator today and he told me that he submitted (he created an account with Gates, found my name, and finished the essays and the whole shabang) the form. I am finishing up my last essay for the Gates Millennium scholarship, and was about to transfer it over to the GMSP app when I noticed that BOTH my Nominator and Recommender’s part of the application were not shown. How do I go about approaching this?
**P.S.: I’ve tried calling Gates but to no response. : (

When my references turned in their forms, I was notified by email of the fact. Have you not received any emails from them? Also, if you want to contact them, try emailing them. I emailed them twice about questions I had, and both times they replied back very quickly (same day responses)

Or you can view your “Application Status” and you should see a green check…