How does ASU Engineering rate?

<p>My son was accepted into the engineering schools at ASU, Bama, Auburn, Iowa State, and Colorado State. Still waiting to hear from 2 other schools.</p>

<p>We are from Denver and need outside input. How do people like ASU Engineering and ASU as a whole? He's majoring in Aerospace. What about ASU do you like? I'm posting this on all the individual school websites to try to get a rounded example of different opinions. We haven't visited ASU yet, but we plan to take a quick day trip down there to check it out. </p>

<p>Any help is greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>I personally hate rankings, as you can draw wrong conclusions, but there are not a bad place to start. From the 2010 US News & World Report rankings of Engineering schools that offer doctorate degrees, here are the relative ranking and raw score</p>

<p>Iowa State 37 3.3
Arizona State 40 3.2
Auburn 64 2.8
Colorado State 64 2.8</p>

<p>Alabama did not make the list of the top 75. This list uses data compiled by surveying Deans of Engineering schools. It is purely subjective. Large schools do well in the surveys.</p>

<p>The Wall Street Journal published an article asking corporate recruiters what the best schools were for reeling in corporate talent. For Engineering, 2 of your schools ranked highly: Iowa State 14 and Arizona State 24</p>

<p>For all majors, Arizona State was the only one of your schools listed in the top 25. They were ranked #5 in the country - ahead of Michigan and Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>If you look at rankings for National Universities</p>

<p>Auburn 88
Iowa State 88
Alabama 96
Arizona State 121
Colorado State 128</p>

<p>Be careful what conclusions you draw. My personal opinion is that Los Angeles is an Aerospace hub and Arizona is nearby. My guess is that they flood the ASU campus with recruiters. These are good things. I would give ASU serious consideration. Good luck. My DS is weighing offers from the engineering schools of Auburn, Arizona and others. I am going through the same thing. PM me if you want to swap insights.</p>