How does UVa "look at" ACT scores?

<p>do they just look at composite?
do they "superscore"?
do they look at all scores individually?</p>

<p>UVa looks at SATs by individual sections, not as an overall score. This may give us insight as to how they evaluate ACTs.</p>


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<p>Oh wow are we sure about that? That would be great, because I did really well on my first ACT but messed up science (got a 23 yet still came out with a 29 composite). But I did worse on my second one in all sections but science (bumped it up to a 27, composite 28). Should I send the new one?</p>

<p>The CC member hazel quoted, Dean J, is the UVa Dean of admissions rep here, so yes, the information is valid. The information I posted is something Dean J has shared here before. I just didn't pull a quote.</p>

<p>edit to add: UVa does not superscore the ACT: I searched Dean J's blog and found the following:</p>

When we read your files, we are only interested in seeing your very best scores. We set up our system to pluck the best composite ACT score (we don't recombine the sections)


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<p>This was 2009, however there was also a post in the Q&A section in late 2010 where she confirmed this.</p>

<p>Even though they do not superscore I believe they still look at the sections individually. Perhaps someone else can confirm this.</p>

<p>Yep, while we aren't technically super scoring (recalculating totals), we are looking at the best possible set of scores.</p>

<p>The system automatically pulls the best composite and then the best sub-scores (even if a sub-score doesn't correspond to the best composite). I only see the best set of scores.</p>

<p>excellent. i like your "system," the fact that it only shows the good scores reassures me that my bad scores wont be seen :X</p>

<p>what does superscore mean?</p>

<p>Superscoreing is when a school agrees to take the highest subscores from all test dates and combine them for a single high score. For instance, you have three SAT test dates:
Test 1: M/ 650, CR/ 700, W/ 670
Test 2: M/ 630, CR/ 720, W/ 660
Test 3: M/ 690, CR/ 680, W/ 650</p>

<p>Only the following scores are sent from Collegeboard if you select Superscore when sending scores:</p>

<p>Superscore: M/ 690, CR/ 720, W/670</p>

<p>As Dean J explained above, UVa has an internal system that will superscore for you even if all your scores are sent. The computer automatically drops down the highest scores for each section.</p>