How does your child's school announce acceptances?

<p>I am just curious if seniors' college acceptances are kept private or do they announce this publicly?</p>

<p>Our school only announces where kids are going, not where they got in. </p>

<p>We use Naviance so the complete stats are available, but without personal info so you don't know who the dots represent.</p>

<p>My kids' HS's use Naviance too, but we have no public knowledge of where specific individuals have applied or been accepted. Actual matriculations are published at the end of the year to note where each student is going.</p>

<p>At our school, kids' pics are posted with their acceptances in the hallways as the decisions come in. At the end of the year, we put out a memory book that has a pic of each senior, where he/she is going and the major.</p>

<p>In the school report sent to colleges, the previous year's matriculations are compiled by decile (as in top 10% were admitted to xyz school) but no names or even number of students admitted is listed. I'm not even sure the high schools get notified by colleges as to which schools admitted whom. The student self reports that data.</p>

<p>Our school never made an announcement. The school paper published a list of where people were going (including "working in auto mechanics" or "joining the Marines") for a while, and there was a facebook group, but that's all voluntary information. </p>

<p>(Me, I'm a nosy parent, and I'd love to know the details. Alas!)</p>

<p>My son goes to a new high school with its first graduating class. Of course all the kids talk but am interested in fun ways they announce, and do people opt out ever?</p>

<p>My D's school puts out an informal list in the school newsletter at the end of the year of the schools that students were accepted to, but not who or the actual schools they are attending. They have to be oh so careful so as not to hurt the feelings of the students who are not attending college for whatever reason. It stinks because if would be nice for everyone, students and parents, just to know where everyone will be, even if it is not college.</p>

<p>The pics on the wall are totally voluntary.</p>

<p>My S's school publishes schools, and scholarship dollars earned by students in the Graduation Bulletin. There is also a Top 25 Student Dinner, which is great. Kids get to invite a teacher, or coach, they get a book with all the top kids pics, and bios, so it's kind of a big deal.</p>

<p>We're part of the biggest school district in the state, and I think that all the schools in the district do the same thing.</p>

<p>No announcements. The Senior scholar bios are included in the local media commencement coverage and those generally say which college the kids are attending. They are compiled in May, however, so once in a while you'll see an undecided between college a and college b. But in general there are no "announcements." I think it's a good thing. Acceptances are based on family situations particularly economic. Where the kiddo goes to college is a family thing not a community thing.</p>

<p>We have a Senior Awards ceremony. They publish a program with every kid's college/work/military plans and scholarships.</p>

<p>My kid's public school is small, and they post each acceptance letter in the hallway outside of the guidance office during the school year. If the letter mentions merit scholarship money, the amount is (usually...) blacked out. At the end of the year, there is wall at the main entrance of the school, with the student's photo, and where they got in. The school that they are attending is highlighted. At graduation, the name of the school that the student will be attending is said along with the student's name and some memories about the high school. It may also be published in the local weekly paper.</p>

<p>My kids bought sweatshirts or Tshirts to their accepted schools. When they started to wear them...everyone knew. NO announcements.</p>

<p>Our school has an awards ceremony toward the end of the year that recognizes student achievement through the year. Award winners are listed in a program and online. Awards recognized are private scholarships granted locally, regionally, nationally, any scholarships awarded by various colleges, etc., state tournament participation for sports/arts, etc., top 10 grads, valedictorian, salutatorian, top 10%, etc. For most kids you can figure out which schools they are attending by the scholarships they received from those schools and/or which schools to which they applied and were accepted by scholarships from those schools as well. Various organizations, band, choir, etc. will have a senior memory book at the last concert/meeting that lists where the kids will be attending next year and prospective major.</p>

<p>At my HS at our graduation they handed out little commencement booklets and in it there was a list of our graduating class and the uni's we decided to attend. I went to a small private school so it was easy to fit all our names and colleges on a few pages. </p>

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<p>At the end of the year, in the last edition of the school newspaper, the school publishes a list of where the students will go, no info on acceptances though. The bad part is a lot of students who won't be attending college feel a need to lie. They either say they will attend the community college or the local 4-year.</p>

<p>Around the middle of March, kids can fill out a form from guidance with their name and college, which is then posted on a wall outside the cafeteria.</p>

<p>Of course, for some kids who are well known in the class. A personal congratulations is given during the morning announcements (because senior students do the announcements. The person who did it congratulated me for getting into cornell ed lol.</p>

<p>The school newspaper has a list of everyone and where they're going (graduation class of 1000). About 500 go to the two state flagships, 200 to other state schools, another 200 go to Community College, maybe 20 get into the Ivies/Armed Force Academies/etc/Top20/etc and maybe 80 to OOS.</p>

<p>I've tracked it for 4 years now and it's pretty consistent. The kids themselves also announce it on the social media and the like. For scholarship kids they have an awards ceremony where more info is given.</p>

<p>At D's final dance recital, the studio owner called the 5 graduating seniors onstage and announced where each was going to college. They got a rousing ovation. :)</p>

<p>That was the only announcement she got, because there was nothing at school. We did get an email in July telling how many kids were going to which colleges, no names. It was interesting.</p>