How forgiving is UVa?

<p>Here is my issue: I had a 3.75 freshman year, 3.57 Sophmore, and a 4.0W (3.78uw) Junior year. My question is will UVa care about my apparent improvement despite now taking AP's or will they only glance at the average? Also, please take note that Freshman and Sophmore year all my classes were honors. I am applying ED and Instate.</p>

<p>There is so much information missing from your post that it's impossible to tell.</p>

<p>What do you need specifically? I am not trying to have my chance evaluated, I had that done already. I just want to know whether the grade jump makes a difference. In any case here are my remaining stats:</p>

<p>Non- Elective Classes (First 2 Years): Honors in Chemistry, Biology, World History 1/2, English 9/10, Geometry, Alegebra II, Spanish 1 and 2</p>

<p>(Junior Year): AP Psychology, AP US History, AP English Lang/Comp, Honors Precalculus, Honors Physics, Spanish 3 </p>

<p>(Senior Year): AP Calc AB, AP Euro History, AP Comparitive Government/US Government, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature, Spanish 4/5</p>


<p>SAT II US History 770
SAT II Literature 690
SAT I Verbal 730
SAT I Math 630
SAT I Writing 700</p>

<p>Clubs/Activities: Debate Team, Forensics Team, It's Academic, Varsity Math Team, Model United Nations, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Boys State, Internship with a trial lawyer over the summer</p>

Numerous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes for Debate and Forensics events at Regional Level, Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Spanish and English (9th/10th grade)</p>

<p>Leadership: Debate Captain</p>

<p>I am applying IN- STATE and Majoring in International Affairs and I am a White Male</p>

<p>are the freshman and sophomore grades weighted or unweighted?</p>