How good does an A in AP Physics C, AP Chem, and AP Stat look on my transcript as a black student

I recently finished a year with AP Physics C, AP Stat, and AP chem and ended up getting an “H” grade for each one. An H is essentially a 97% or above in an honors/AP class and weighs a 5.0 on the GPA scale. I was wondering how this would look on my transcript as a black student? I only bring up race because of Affirmative Action

A 97+ average in rigorous classes is a great achievement- AP Physics, Chem & Stats definitely qualify! And it is true that applications from URMs with high grades in rigorous subjects are very welcome, esp at colleges who are consciously trying to take the “U” off “URM”. At the same time, you are not a unicorn, and selective schools will have other high-achieving black applicants.

Even at schools that consider factors such as race (not all do, and some are prevented by law from considering it), in itself it is just a data point. A good one, but just one.
How much it will matter for you in college admissions will depend on a bunch of other factors: what schools are you targeting? What is the rest of your transcript like? what are your ECs and LoRs like? and of course, your essays.

But: it is absolutely, a great start!

A (or A+ equivalent if that is what H means) grades in hard classes are certainly a good thing, regardless of race/ethnicity or whether any specific college considers that.

I’m curious what you expected? Why/how would a top grade in AP classes look anything but very good? To anyone.

Agree with collegemom3717.

Adding, if this is really about applying to a prestigious top tier college, it should be matched by SAT/ACT and AP scores. And rigor/top performance in non stem as well.

Just citing grades doesn’t tell anyone how tough these classes were at your high school.