How heavy is student parking at the Emmet grarage during the school year?

<p>I am a transfer student this Fall, and I have been assigned to the Copeley III dorms; in literally the single farthest dorm from central grounds. I will have my vehicle with me, and I do not mind driving to class (I am a DC Community college transfer, after all), but I hear that parking is horrendous at UVA. I know I can take the bus, but I like the freedom of having my own vehicle at my disposal. The Emmet garage seems like a good option for me, but are there generally spots available during the school year?</p>

<p>Basically the Emmet garage is the only good place to park at. In too many of the others you run the risk of getting a ticket or being towed. (The stadium is a possibility....but idk.)</p>

<p>The fee for parking at Emmet is I think $2 an hour. For a whole day it'll run about
$16. It will add up soon. </p>

<p>You can try parking for a day or two, but you'll soon get used to taking the bus. It's MUCH easier. </p>

<p>You can always take the bus back to get your car if you have to go anywhere. Most of the things you need are already on grounds.</p>

<p>I'm parking at Emmet (Central Grounds/Newcomb --- Not to be confused with Emmet-Ivy) this summer while I work, to avoid buses like you said, and it is $2 a day, but if you load up your Cav Card you get a 25% discount so I pay $1.50/hr. I am there from 8am until 1 or 2pm and it runs between $7.50 and $11 a day depending on how early I can get out. Most of my friends who are commuting try to park at UHall but if you're running late you end up at Central Grounds Garage anyways... Basically parking sucks. The buses are pretty reliable and if you make your schedule right you could only have class MWF or otherwise make it so you can be back at your dorm to use your car. Also parking is free in many places around grounds after 5pm if you have activities or late discussion sections...</p>

<p>I'm glad you made that distinction between Emmet and Emmet/Ivy, because I think I was actually referring to Emmet/Ivy (the one below the bookstore). I read somewhere that you can purchase a permit for that garage that is valid on the 4th and 5th floors, how accurate is this info, and how good is the parking in those lots?</p>

<p>No, you are still confusing them.
At Emmet/Ivy you can purchase a permit for the 4th/5th floors for $150 for the year IF you live on grounds, otherwise it is $300+. That garage is located near the Cavalier Inn, approx 2/3 mile from Central Grounds (ie. You still need to take a bus if you have anything heavy you are carrying).</p>

<p>There are no permits available for purchase at the Central Grounds Garage. It is always $2.00 per hour when the free parking is not available in other places (which is 7:30am to 5pm; after 5pm parking is free in many uncovered lots). This is the garage under the bookstore.</p>

<p>Hi rhapsodyinblue,
This has nothing to do with your question (sorry) but Im from DC and a fall transfer too. Just wondering if your also from the DC area since you said you are transferring from a DC community college. Just trying to meet some fellow transfers :)</p>

<p>Hello, lovely! I sent you a private messege, hit me up!</p>

<p>I assume the University oversells the 4th/5th floor spaces in the Emmett/Ivy Garage. Does anyone know by how much? S is a third year bringing vehicle from Texas living in Lambeth. We thought Emmett/Ivy would be the best option unless he can get a permit in Lambeth. Any other ideas?</p>

<p>Check the thread on lambeth I just posted in for questions on that</p>

<p>Re: overselling: yes. It has never been a problem until this past year when:
1. They sold our spots to people for the U2 concert
2. We were not parked in our designated area ( the past 3 years have been), meaning parking for U2 got messed up.... which resulted in:
3. They started ticketing us for not parking on the top 2 floors of the garage (and by top 2, I mean top 1.5, since most of the 4th floor is now "off limits" to "storage parkers" (our cheap permit) and has signs threatening tickets and towing -- not just threats, plenty of my friends got tickets for parking where they had parked for years, ont he 4th floor! They knew they technically were supposed to be in the other half of the 4th floor but NO ONE ELSE parks above the 2nd floor so it is really ridiculous to have an entire 2 floors empty and give tickets for parking there.</p>

<p>Up until this year, the 4th floor would be somewhat full but I could always find a spot. This year there were multiple times I could NOT find a spot and had to go up to the uncovered 5th floor. Most of the time I also had to park on the in between 4th/5th floor which is also uncovered; previous years there were always covered spots available. Having to go all the way to the 5th floor was almost 100% when there were events (JPJ) and sports (football, basketball), but this is frequent here at UVA!!. It is weird because they just built that new hospital lot so not as many hospital people should be parking at EIG any more, but it seems like more people parked at EIG this year. Not sure if it is more students or what (if the 4th floor permits are sold to other people too or what). Thank goodness first years can't have their cars, it would be so much worse.</p>