How is Earlham for internationals?

I was recently admitted to Earlham and was wondering how good the college environment and reputation is for international students?

Earlham has a very high percentage of international students. They make it easy to stay in the dorms during breaks and there is a certain amount of free storage available over the summer. Lots of study abroad opportunities.

Earlham is a good school with lots of good students, however there are some students who are not as motivated. But if you are motivated, you’ll get a topnotch education.

Thank you for that feedback! However, would you be able to comment on its relatively low rankings in the USNEWS report?

Actually no, because I pay absolutely no attention to those rankings. What do they say is bad about Earlham?

I know Earlham sends a very high number of its grads to PhD programs, including many in the sciences. I have seen random ratings such as very good teaching engagement. Is it Harvard? No. Is it Brown? No. So of course it’s not likely to be in the top 10 or 20 of anything, which I feel means nothing at all.

If USNEWS rankings are important to you, probably Earlham would not be a good fit for you.

Ah of course, just gathering material to convince the parents! Thank you for the information :smiley:

Earlham is nationally recognized for having outstanding science departments, and is in the top percentiles for grad school admissions. Earlham is nationally ranked also, for the number of students who go on to successfully complete PhDs in a STEM field.