How Is Taking A Math/Science/Engineering Class at Shimer/Cross Regitering For One?

I admit it - I’ve looked into the college and it sounds amazing. I’m a huge fan of the Socratic method of learning and the small size, not to mention the humanities and social sciences. I know that now they’re located in IIT, but can someone tell me what it’s like if you also want to pursue math/science there, or even just the experience of cross registering for them? I have a strong interest in engineering, and I would hate to miss out on this amazing school because I can’t take any classes in engineering there.

Shimer has no engineering curriculum and I am not sure how solid the science degrees are there but they do allow cross registration to IIT students. Frankly, you can’t just take a few engineering courses on the side, if you want to take Engineering courses, you will have to take a string of prerequisite courses and Shimer does not offer them. However, if you want a degree in Engineering or science and want to take some Shimer courses, you could enroll at IIT as your primary institution.

Hi IrisShadow,

I’m Alex, an admissions rep and recent grad at Shimer. Our curriculum and cross-registration agreement with IIT allows for plenty of flexibility with coursework. We have a current student that is earning a dual-degree with Shimer and IIT in social science (with us) and engineering (with IIT). For the amount of coursework involved this particular plan typically takes 5 years to complete. Should you choose to go the traditional 4-year-route, you can take up to 40 credits as elective coursework at IIT while earning your degree at Shimer, allowing you to start with engineering prerequisites and moving to more advanced courses. Feel free contact our dean or the office of admission with any questions.

Thanks, @ressy312 ! I’ll be sure to look further into it.