How is the CS Program at Clarkson?

I am thinking about applying, and was wondering what the CS program is like. Are there any co-op opportunities? If so, is there a good system in place for students to find good businesses to work at, or is it up to them?

We were very impressed with the career services center and placement rates at Clarkson. Our friend who graduated had jobs every summer, co-ops, and multiple offers upon graduation.

Another one that’s super impressed with Clarkson and their results. Niece just graduated so I’m familiar and know quite a few of her friends. All had excellent job offers prior to graduation. They start them at day one learning how to interview, building their resumes, pushing internships. There are a lot of research opportunities. Kids are driven but nice and down to earth, not competitive. Kind of hoping my son '20 decides to attend… he’s interested in engineering.

Based on Clarkson’s isolated location in Potsdam, New York, it is very impressive that their students have good internship opportunities. But, rather than relying on anecdotes, I recommend checking Clarkson’s website & contacting Clarkson’s placement office/career services office as the school is really isolated in extreme Northern New York very close to the Canadian border.

SUNY Potsdam is nearby.

St. Lawrence University is about 11 or so miles away in Canton, New York.

Agree, you should look at their website:

@highschoolcompsci : Try to dig a little deeper than the website noted above regarding career & internship placements. There is a reason that students near Silicon Valley tend to get great career opportunities that is not present in this isolated location.