How is the social life for international students at American colleges?

<p>I am really worried about social life this fall, because I didn't have that many friends in high school (I went to high school in US for a while), and I feel really limited by my accent. I feel like once ppl hear your accent, they don't look at you the same way they would if you talked normally.
I am also curious to hear your guys stories about first year at college, how was it?</p>

<p>social life is what you make of it. if people wont hang out with you because of your accent, you wouldnt want to be there friends anyways. also, most colleges have plenty of other intls you can befriend.</p>

<p>I really don't want to hang out only with internationals.
when do ppl generally make friends in college?</p>

<p>Making friends is an ongoing process that starts on your first day and might go on for a while. After a day or two on campus most students will have a number of acquaintances who they can spend time with. Over time, as you meet more people, others will replace those first acquaintances and you will start developing closer friendships. My core group of friends was constantly changing up through the end of my sophomore year, but it's been pretty stable since.</p>

<p>Where are you going to college? Most students I have met didn't seem to mind an accent, as long as it didn't impede communication. Very heavy accents or broken English do take a toll on relationships, but they get better with practice :)</p>

<p>You shouldn't worry about this. As long as you're open to meeting new people which I assume you are - it will naturally happen.</p>

<p>hey i go to texas a and m and im from arica but i have a whole bunch of friends which i made at college, we hang out and have fun together. its just how open you are to meeting new people. I know its scary sometimes when you first start schooling but as time goes on you will fit in. Introduce yourself to the kid who sits next to you during the first week of class, if you sit next to a different kid introduce yourself again, you will be surprised what these kind of introductions can do. I met my GF now through such introductions and even though im dark as burnt fudge and has a west african accent, she loves me to death btw im an average good looking</p>

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<p>I'm W/African too!!</p>

<p>people love accents in college
whats ur accent like?</p>

<p>Fact: Americans (especially girls) love English and Australian accents. A friend of mine was an Australian exchange student and was like a rockstar. When he left, he had more than 3 parties just for him.</p>

<p>hey be proud of your accent</p>

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