How late is submitting a LOR to an ED2 school? More specifically, Emory

So I didn’t realize I needed to submit 2 common core LORs, and I only submitted 1 core, 1 non core, and a sports coach. My AP Econ teacher said he would submit me one by the end of this week, but I was just wondering if I should even bother, or if my application is pretty much over?

I’m pretty upset about it because my decision is ED2 at Emory, which comes out February 15th, and I’m a legacy so I was really thinking I had a good shot. (Yes I also meet academic requirements.)


Emory app deadline was January 1st

Only Emory admissions can give you a definitive answer. All you can do is send in the LOR as soon as possible.(and thank your Econ teacher for doing it so quickly).

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I would email your AO right away and let them know it’s coming. My son had a late LOR for a different school, but it was only by a week and they said no problem.