How Liberal

<p>As a californian i have come to grips with how liberal this state is
especially where I am from (Los Angeles and the Bay Area)</p>

<p>is San Luis Obispo more or less liberal than these areas of the state and perhaps something to validate your claim? thanks</p>

<p>4,300 registered Republicans compared to 6,300 Democrats approximately. the county majority voted for Obama by about 60% and Morro Bay and SLO always lean liberal. Most other communities are evenly split.</p>

<p>well thats a bummer</p>

<p>David12345: That is interesting. SLO always seemed quite conservative to me. I guess it depends upon ones definition of "Liberal" or "Conservative"</p>

<p>Well, it's not the most liberal city, but not an overwhemingly Republican city. And that doesn't include everyone too. Because some college students aren't in the count. So it's even more liberal than the postings. Most communities are fairly evenly split. Atascadero leans Republican and SLO leans Democrat. And the county will lean one way or the other depending on the year.</p>

<p>Why does it even matter? When it comes to college life being liberal or conservative means absolutely nothing.</p>

<p>As a rule, San Luis Obispo county is considered more conservative. However, whenever you include a university in the mix, you're bound to see more of a liberal population. That said, even Cal Poly is going to be more conservative than a university such as Berkeley or UCSC. I have long time friends who moved to Paso Robles from our hometown of Santa Cruz over 15 years ago. They love it there. It reminds them of the way our town used to be in the '50s and '60s. But, that also means it's definitely more conservative. They have to bite their tongues now and then, since they're definitely more liberal.</p>