How many students from a single middle school can be chosen?

<p>My daughter will be applying to a boarding school this winter. Several other students from her private middle school are also applying to the same boarding school. Do you think the BS will limit the number of students from this school, even if they're all well-qualified? She hopes not, because she'd love to have lots of her current friends go to the same boarding school with her.</p>

<p>The boarding school will admit the kids it thinks will strengthen its community the most. I think that limiting the number of kids from a single middle school (assuming they're all qualified) is less a question of favoritism (or lack thereof) toward that school and more a question of aiming for geographical diversity. I do think it's tougher to be admitted from a middle school where there are several applicants unless your daughter has something that clearly separates her from the others.</p>

<p>Also consider that most of the applicant pool is "well qualified". Many subjective things come into play, ranging from extracurriculars, hobbies, personalities, etc. What is a fit for one student may not be a fit for another. Usually - from a single middle school, the programs will select one or two. Rarely more than that if the applicant pool is large. </p>

<p>To give you some perspective: Depending on where you are applying - Adcoms are taking 100-300 students from a pile of close to 2,000 to 3,000 applications.</p>

<p>The cool thing about Boarding school is broadening a student's perspective, stretching out of a comfort zone and meeting new people - rather than defaulting to a built in support group from their local environment.</p>

<p>Apply - just be prepared to handle some of the hurt feelings if your daughter is selected and other are not, or vice versa.</p>

<p>I think there definitely IS a ceiling to how many kids are taken from any one school, unless it's a junior boarding school with a long standing relationship with a 8/9-12 grade BS.</p>

<p>In my experience with our daughter's former day school, out of a class of about 60 we saw 2-3 go to any single BS...rarely more. Honestly, I think it's good NOT to have pods of kids coming in from the same school. Depending on the size of the grade, it could really skew the personality/social structure of the form.</p>

<p>There are several kids from nearby public MS attending my D's boarding school as day students. There are 15 or so from one private school, but that school is seen as a "feeder" to D's BS.</p>

<p>I am not too sure how many kids would be offered admission from faraway - there are kids from almost every state and many foreign countries, so I am guessing not too many.</p>

<p>If a school is seen as a "feeder school," a BS can take more than a few. This effect may be hard to discern, unless you know who got in. For example, a boarding school might accept six students from a private middle school, but only 3 choose to enroll. To the public, it looks as if the BS only accepted 3. </p>

<p>On the other hand, for the OP, remember the competition is much wider and deeper than her middle school peers.</p>

<p>Pike School sends 25% of their graduating class to Andover, that's 10 or more kids each year. Pike</a> School Matriculation</p>

<p>I know at least 3-4 students from certain private day schools in the same grade at the big New England boarding schools, which means they probably took more.</p>