How MIT and Caltech consider transfer application.

<p>I will be completing my 12th in march 2012. I want one year gap for SAT Subject preparation and also for some EC's.
But I have one thing in my mind that should I apply for engineering colleges in India and after one year try for admission in U.S colleges.
How MIT and Caltech consider transfer application.
and is, transfer more difficult than freshman.
I want your opinion on your experiences.
Should I wait for 1 year without applying to college or attend college till 1 year and seek admission on transfer basis.
I am very confused.
I really want admission in one of those two institute but my school doesn't have much EC activities. So I am planning to increase my EC's by participating in NGO's and regional Sports.
Also when is it going to start admission for fall 2013.</p>

<p>Listen bro ,taking a gap year to improve ur EC's is not a good idea.One can't do anything substantial as far as sports are concerned, if u are a state level player u may qualify for nationals but its real hard, and if u are trying to rise from regional level(grass root level) than the chances are one in a billion. </p>

<p>And community service is not a really great hook in most cases.Being a member of an NGO would atmost show ur social awareness, and state u as a responsible society member but I am still laying emphasis on the fact that its not a hook.</p>

<p>I would suggest taking a gap year if u can show substantial increase in yout SAT score
like a rise from 1800's to 2300's (if thats the case).</p>

<p>If u want to focus on ur EC's then consider doing academic work, research work or internships.
'Internships' are possible only if u have really nice contacts
anyways, undertaking a research or writing an academic paper is always an option.</p>

<p>As far as transfer is concerned -
getting into MIT or Caltech by just any means is really difficult</p>

<p>Colleges generally follow two application deadlines -Early Action (EA) or Early Deadline , and Regular Deadline
The regular deadline for most colleges is around 1st Jan</p>

<p>Akietta, Early Rounds for MIT and Caltech start in August. Deadline is 1st November.</p>

<p>Regular starts in August as well. Ends on 1st Jan for MIT and 3rd Jan for Caltech.</p>

<p>How do they consider a transfer applicant/application? Honestly, only a committee of MIT admissions members can tell you. The only way to get 4-5 MIT admissions officers round a table to talk about you is by applying.</p>

<p>if I take a gap year then will they ask why you have taken gap year.</p>

<p>@mechrockz I already missed my deadlines. I am now in 12 and giving board exam in march 2012. should I take admission in regional college or gap year.</p>



<p>Of course, akietta. You'll have to write a paragraph about it. Don't think of it as a justification but as of an opportunity to explain all the wonderful things you would have done during the year.</p>

<p>@Tizil7 thanks for guiding but what about this.
"I already missed my deadlines. I am now in 12 and giving board exam in march 2012. should I take admission in regional college or gap year."</p>

<p>that really depends on you. IF you wanna take a gap year, u have to do something that would explain what you did during that time.. i'm taking a gap year too.
Also it depends on your financial status. Check out the costs of studying as an undergrad or studying for postgrad..postgrad is usually better financially.</p>

<p>You can try getting information about colleges with application deadlines in February and March and beyond in the following link</p>

<p>List</a> of Late Deadline Schools- Locate Colleges with Late Application Deadlines at</p>

yes I need financial aid. I am coming from middle class family.</p>

<p>Wait, does mit caltech even have sports teams? Nerds dont play sports.</p>

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<p>yes they have sports team.</p>

<p>Transfer is much harder than freshman admission. A gap year is more advisable, but you have to make sure you use your time well. Also, keep in mind that some Indian colleges won't take you if you are beyond a certain age, so if you take a gap year, and then do not get into a US college, you will be in a major fix. A difficult choice to make.</p>

<p>for me 1 year gap in enough i will be applying at fall 2013 or fall 2012.
If i cannot make it to U.S college then i can prepare for IIT's simultaneously.
Also if I enroll in University of London distance education program in India then can I transfer to U.S college or Imperial,Oxford,Cambridge etc.</p>

<p>I don't know about applying to the UK. If you can manage EC's and IIT prep in a year go ahead, but I doubt it will be easy to pull off.</p>

<p>if i take gap year then from whom i should get recommendation form completed.</p>

<p>The teachers from the high school you attended. Colleges prefer recommendations from teachers who taught you in Junior and Senior year (class 11 and 12).</p>