How much do colleges pay attention to senior year??

<p>My hardest year of high school is my Senior year due to the sequence of my English, science, math, and social studies/history classes.</p>

<p>AP English Lang. ----> AP English Lit.
AP Calculus AB -----> AP Calculus BC
AP Macro/Microeconomics ----> AP U.S. Government/AP Comparative Gov't and Politics
AP Chemistry and AP Physics B -----> AP Biology</p>

<p>-I have to take AP English Lang. before AP English Lit.
-It is recommended that I take AP Calc. AB before AP Calc. BC, which I am going to do because I am skipping pre-calculus.
-I have to take the AP Econs before the AP Gov'ts. But, I'm not really clear as to which is harder.
-I am 90% sure AP Bio. is harder than AP Chem. I also chose to take AP Chem. before AP Bio. because biology is based off of chemistry, also, I have been told chemistry goes well with physics.</p>

<p>**I have taken the honors versions of chemistry (10th) and biology (9th) previously to taking AP Bio. and AP Chem., as they are electives.
*I do NOT have a block-schedule.</p>

<p>How much will colleges look at my Senior year SCHEDULE??</p>