How much do you think the applications will jump next year with the common app?

Chicago and Stanford Join the Common App This Year</p>

<p>Both the University of Chicago and Stanford University will begin accepting the Common Application this year.</p>

<p>According to the Chicago Maroon, admissions officials at that university expect to see an approximately 40 per cent increase in application volume because of the switch. Applicants should expect a proportional decline in Chicago's acceptance rate.</p>

<p>Stanford has also announced that it will change its regular application deadline from December 15 to January 1.


<p>40% would put us around 27 thousand applicants. Which would probably turn Virginia into a Harvard type school in terms of picking students...</p>

<p>How much do you think competitiveness and applications increase</p>

<p>a lot....yup. a lot.</p>