How much does it actually cost to go here?

I would be an incoming freshman living on campus with a roommate, taking enough credits to be full time and getting a meal plan. On their website they don’t tell you how much total cost would be, so anyone that goes there now and could tell me that would be great. Also, is there a limit to the number of scholarships I can get? The application process opens on May 1 and literally any money would be great - I’m trying to get the total cost to be as low as possible, maybe even $0! Any information you guys can give me would be SO HELPFUL!!! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Tuition and fees are around $6500/yr. Dorms - as a double- are about $7k plus about $3600 for a meal plan.
So - right around $17k per year. Books, supplies and course fees vary based on the classes you take but $300-$500 per semester would be on the high end.

Most CA resident students get some financial aid. Your parents financial situation will drive what’s offered.

You can earn scholarships from as many sources as you like - local Lyon’s club, etc…