How much of a pain in the ass is it to be a tutor?

<p>Title. I am considering becoming a tutor just for science.</p>

<p>Well I tried to tutor my older sister for her USH SAT II because my parents were paying me and I quit after trying to tutor her twice. It's very very difficult if they don't want to study or be tutored</p>

<p>Well, assume that they initiated and came to me.</p>

<p>If you are familiar with the subject and willing to teach others, then it should be no problem. I took AP Chem this year and offered tutoring. I tutored about four people on a regular basis and it went well. They understood the subject matter and I enjoyed teaching them. Plus, we already knew each other so it didn't get awkward. Just try not to get frustrated or angry or your peers will never learn.</p>

<p>Your clients should be easily categorize-able. Those who want help, and those with parents who just pay for random things.</p>

<p>Being a tutor for an inquisitive student is good- you teach someone, and it helps you recap on things you may have forgot.</p>

<p>Other than a spoiled brat, the biggest problem is when you're at a standstill. What can you tutor when they've learned oh so much, and has no hw? How you formulate a way to study is your job.</p>