how much of a reach is UVA for me?

<p>well it is obviously good
ALOT of my friends and colleagues over the years go there
and they recommend it</p>

<p>However, my college counselor and some other people ive talked to said that I shouldnt waste the 65 dollars to apply because i'll get rejected right away</p>

<p>I dont care about the money (my parents said they'll pay for a few apps anyway)</p>

<p>so I wanted to know what you guys thought
be as blatantly honest as possible</p>


<p>I go to Stuyvesant High School in New York City, for those of you who dont know I think it is the best public school in NYC and top 20 nationally</p>

<p>Perhaps due to its workload in combination with some familial troubles lasting throughout my soph and junior years, my grades have tanked</p>

<p>However, I dont think I am less knowledgable than any other classmate concerning the courses I didnt do as well in</p>

<p>Without boring you too much, basically my
Gpa is a 80
but the transcript that gets sent out to colleges by my school do not include failed classes(and i made up all my failed classes)</p>

<p>So I think I have a 83 gpa to work with
and I also heard that colleges weight junior/senior years more heavily, and my avgs in those 2 years (currently in senior year) are 85 and 88 respectively</p>

<p>i know, still not amazing</p>

<p>Also, coming from a school with 3300 students to serve, AP classes' ddemand always outnumbers supply, so the only AP class I have been able to get into is World History</p>

<p>However, Most of the classes taught at Stuyvesant high school are scaled to SAT II level content so
its not like ive been flying by easy courses</p>

<p>My SAT scores are as follows:
-Oct '09- CR- 690, Math-750, Writing-750
I took them again in december and
with hopeful speculation
It will probably be something like
-CR- 720, Math-780, Writing-750(unless my essay bumps to an 11 or 12)</p>

<p>SAT Subject tests also all came in 2009:
-Chemistry in Jun 09- 760
-Math II in Nov 09- 780
-if I must send a 3rd, it would be U.S. History Nov 09 - 680
(im still really mad at both myself and the barrons review book for being such trash about the history)
but the past is the past</p>

<p>my extracirriculars:
-Quizbowl Soph year
-Key Club Soph and Junior Year</p>

<p>the preponderance of what i put under activities on college applications is as follows:</p>

<p>-SYEP 2007(summer Job)
-SYEP 2009(summer job)
-NYC Department of parks and recreation 2008 (volunteer)
-Michael Bloomberg Mayoral campaign, fall 2009 (both paid and as a volunteer)
-Toys R Us employee (spring 2009)
-Public Health Solutions Queens fall 2009 (volunteer)
I have also tutored fitfully throughout my Hs career, although I have been unsuccessful in contacting my former "employers"(should I still put this?)</p>

<p>I have 3 recommendations from 2 teachers and a counselor who love me</p>

<p>and my english teachers (Columbia and NYU graduates) have both said that my essays are amongst the most profound and eloquent that they've ever read (although I question the full veracity of that statement, for they can say that for a bunch of essays)</p>

<p>I honestly do not believe that a person's future should be dictated by a component(GPA) that will drag the rest of the application down</p>

<p>rather, it should be looked at as an entire entity, inseperable.</p>

<p>Thank you for reading, and tell me what you think!</p>

<p>Good job on your overall SAT's, but all in all, I think UVA admission will be difficult for you. OOS is tough to begin with, but your GPA is on the lower side for UVA, and though it's not your fault, I wish you had been able to take more AP courses.
You are certainly competitive and will get in somewhere very good, just OOS admission to UVA, I think will be a difficult hurdle for you.
But, what do I know?? It's just an opinion. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>An 83 gpa is a C in most high schools</p>

<p>A 83 is a D+ in some high schools.</p>

<p>83 percent? That's a B in my school. </p>

<p>I'm confused. I thought in most high schools it was 90-100 is an A, 80-90 is a B, 70-80 is a C, 60-70 is a D, and 59 and below is an F.</p>

<p>Am I mistaken?</p>

83 percent? That's a B in my school.


<p>As well as in mine. </p>

I'm confused. I thought in most high schools it was 90-100 is an A, 80-90 is a B, 70-80 is a C, 60-70 is a D, and 59 and below is an F.


<p>I'm not exactly sure of the facts and figures of which schools go by a ten point scale and which don't, all I know is that some do, some don't. I'm sure there's a sizable amount representing each though. During my freshman year we had a scale that went something like 100-94 = A, 93-86 = B, and so forth, it was amended for sophmore year to be a traditional ten point scale. So yes, it is worth noting that schools, both public and private, all go by their own general scales as defined by municipality [if public], usually county decision unless the state says otherwise. Furthermore, this is another reason for standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT.</p>

<p>83 is a C in my school</p>

<p>B- in mine</p>

<p>but enough bantering</p>

<p>how does this affect me again?</p>

<p>As Powderpuff said, it's unlikely you'll be admitted because of your GPA. GPA and class rank are the most important factors for UVA.</p>

<p>You should definitely apply anyways. If money for applications isn't a problem and UVA is a dream school for you, its definitely worth doing even if your chances of getting in aren't great. Explain your situation to them and show how much you love the school, and maybe they'll overlook the early grades. You also have an upward trend which might help your chances</p>

<p>I don't mean to be discouraging, but I'd recommend attending a school and transferring to UVA. I understand the extreme difficulty of Stuyvesant because I have cousins who attend/ have graduated, though there GPAs were in the A range and they were admitted to Cornell and other top schools. I believe UVA wants those students, and although you may have a good story, take it from me. I had a very fair reason for a lack of APs/ low SATs and high GPA but was stilled denied from UVA after being wait-listed. OOS competition is so hard for UCs, UNC, and UVA (4 most difficult publics for OOS applicants). You really need to be at the top of your game, they don't really care about sob stories, I learned the hard way. Attend a top SUNY like Binghamton or Stonybrook and transfer out.</p>

<p>i've wanted to go to UVa since i was 8 years old. my grades are about the same as yours, i have an 83 GPA, which is a B- at my all girls boarding school. i have many extracurriculars and play many sports, though. i know that i don't have a very high chance of getting into UVa off the bat, since it's pretty much luck of the draw at Virginia, but i'm going to apply anyway. why not? if i don't get in, i will get very good grades at another institution and just transfer after a year or two. I have known people who have had 4.0 GPAs and have gotten flat out denied, so it really depends.</p>

<p>also, i have had some underlying factors about my GPA, as I have a mild case of ADD and started medication only in my junior year. since then, i have been able to tackle AP courses and earn solid Bs in them, as well as complete my work more efficiently and completely. this is why my cumulative GPA is not what i really want it to be. i guess they take in why GPAs drop or rise, but again, it really depends.</p>

<p>you asked that we be honest, and here's what i think. your guidance counselor is right. you will not get accepted to uva.</p>

<p>Going to be honest, your numbers aren't so hot. Most public schools (especially for out of state students) focus largely on basic numbers (GPA, test scores, etc.) and the weakest part of your application seems to be the objective parts. A 1440 SAT with an 83 GPA isn't going to look so great, especially for a non-VA resident//UVA-alumni child, and combined with that is the fact that your 83 GPA doesn't have much backing in it with just one AP course.</p>

<p>Very bizzare that your counselor said you'll get rejected... I think your SAT scores are on target, but I'm not sure about how your GPA system works.. If your rank is in the top 5% then I think you have a chance.</p>

<p>i think it's worth applying, for sure. it seems like a lot of schools put a large emphasis on essays; if yours are as good as your english teacher says they are, you may have a shot. but as others have said, your GPA may look even worse because you only took one AP (versus getting the same GPA with tons of APs).</p>

<p>Apply. It won't hurt anything or anyone if you can afford it. Your SAT scores are very good. If you write an interesting, funny or eye-catching essay, you may find you have a solid chance of acceptance. I think some people just want to eliminate the competition. You can even write about how you overcame your troubling situation with your GPA. Never be discouraged or afraid to apply to a school that you want. Just be open to a possibility of rejection. All students should be. Some with amazing scores have been rejected while others accepted. You never know what the admission committee will think it its attempt to build a class--and you just might be what they are looking for on that day and time.</p>

<p>Go for it. Better than regretting for the rest of your life (: Everyone's situations are different. If UVA is as smart as it seems to be, it won't reject a stellar student. Who knows, maybe your essays will make you be that stellar student.</p>

<p>Kinda a long shot.</p>

<p>Unless 83 is part of the A-levels system, in which case 75 is an A1.</p>