How much will this help?

<p>Hi everybody,</p>

<p>I am German pupil hoping to be admitted at MIT for entrance year 2006. Now that you know my expectations, please note the following:
I am graduating from high school here in Germany with the common "Abitur". It is what everybody does, just like high school. BUT, apart from this, I am also doing the International Baccalaureate. That is, I am doing two diplomas at the same time. Do you think that this is impressive and that this will help much? I know that the IB is generally appreciated pretty much, so they should be impressed that I am doing the IB AND the German Abitur. Besides, my school is the ONLY school in Germany which offers this.</p>

<p>what do you think?</p>

<p>ooo u must be a genius doing 2 deg at the same time.. u'll get in mit!</p>

<p>well, it is indeed a hell of work. I don't have much free time. however, I seriously doubt that it is a guarantee for MIT (that is, I am sure it is not). I just hope that it will help much.</p>

<p>hey aw5k, I'm in a similar situation. I'm from Chile and I'm completing the American, the Chilean, and the IB diploma. I hope top colleges/universities take stuff like this into consideration</p>