How often do acceptances get rescinded?

Ok this might just be my anxiety talking, but I have somehow convinced myself the colleges I got into are going to rescind their acceptances. Specifically Clemson, because that is my first choice as of right now. I applied and got accepted into the general engineering program. I applied with about a 4.5 gpa and good test scores, etc. And pretty much all A’s except one B sophomore year. However this year first semester I got two B’s (in AP calc and AP physics.) I think this was mostly due to the stress of the pandemic and classes being online, as well as working more to save up for college. I know people get into Clemson with B’s, but considering I applied as a mostly A student, is this reason to worry? Or am I just stressing too much?

You will not be rescinded for two Bs, so rest easy tonite.


Congratulations! Relax, you’ll be fine.

D’s, F’s, and significant disciplinary action are causes to worry. A couple of B’s is not.

yep, i would only be worried if you ever go down to the low c category or below

my son got a C (his first ever) second semester senior year in BC Calculus. Our guidance counselor said don’t get a D or below. He ended up fine and you will too.

I agree with everyone that you will be fine. Go easy on yourself- your almost to the finish line! :partying_face: