How prestigious is being a Bank of America Student Leader?

I was accepted to the 2021 Bank of America Student Leaders Program.

I vaguely remember seeing a thread here saying the acceptance rate is 3-4%, but I can’t find it.

I looked at another cc thread and I was surprised how many people were rejected.

On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is a common activity and 10 is golden ticket to a prestigious school, it’s a 2, IMO.

And how would you rate a 501(c)3 non-profit that does something?

Are you referring to one of those lists od prestigious awards where “Bank of America award” (it said smth like that) is listed under number two? Personal opinion, but I would say this program is pretty prestigious. It is listed in several websites such as College Transitions as prestigious and I know of a few ppl that did this program and went on to really top schools (of course this was only one of their many amazing accomplishments)

It’s not nothing: it’s an 8 week paid internship, and it is somewhat selective. The acceptance rate (anecdotally) varies considerably, depending on the local community: in some communities it is almost unknown, in others, it is heavily promoted. It’s not tip-the-needle prestigious but it can add context to the overall picture.

Starting a non-profit has become so overdone that it takes material evidence of a meaningful contribution, and in particular an indication that it can survive beyond HS to get attention.

@prestige123, if you have another thread (with a similar, though slightly more provocative name), the advice from that thread holds: you have the package you have. Write your essays, build a list of safeties, matches and however many reaches you can write good ‘why’ essays for. The answer is the same.


@collegemom3717 , the user is the same as the user you refer to. This is the new user name.

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Got it- thanks for the clarification @Lindagaf!