how should i do?

hi, next year is my last year in the high school. After , i want to go to usa to study, i know i should go to community college then transfer to the university, but i don’t know how should apply the community college and what document need to prepare.Does anyone tell us how should do?

Do you have money?

no , can u lend me ?

just a joke , paul2752

thx gumbymom

Very funny…
But seriously, can you afford tuition?

Community college is not a good idea for international students who need financial aid, since international transfers don’t qualify for any aid. What are your s stats and what’s your family’s budget ?

Start at this website:

You will find a lot of useful information. After reading that, contact the closest Advising Center:

The counselors at that advising center will be able to help you. They know which colleges and universities have admitted students from your country, and whether or not those students got any scholarships.

EducationUSA is a not-for-profit organization. Any fees that you might be charged will be very small, and will go to directly support that office. Many of the counselors are volunteers. If they are like the ones I used to work with when I lived outside the US, they will be very helpful.

Wishing you all the best!

thank you happymomof1

i think my family have a budget for me to study , they are support me

Ask them what the budget is.
Why do you want to go to community college and not a “regular” university?

i see many student go to cc then transfer to the university , is 2 year cc then 2 year university, And the standard of cc is lower than university.

  1. If you are an international student and are in need of financial aid, you will not receive any FA at a CC.
    You would be expected to pay full fees which could be as high as $20K/year.
  2. As an International student that transfers to a 4 year university, again you will mostly likely get no FA.

Many students attend CC’s because it saves them money for the first 2 years, they can many times get into their choice 4 year university due to articulation agreeements and if they are in-state residents and US residents, they are eligbile for state and federal aid. As an International student, you are not.

In other words, funnydog - if you need financial aid a community college is not a good idea. You will pay full price for community college (depending where it’s located, but it could be close to $20,000 per year) and full price for a 4 year university (up to $60,000 per year.)

If you have the money, and simply want a slightly easier first year, yes, a community college and transfer are a good option.