How should I start preparing for Oxford PPE as a 10th grader?

I am a c/o 2024 student in India and plan to study PPE at Oxford after school.
I understand universities in the UK place more emphasis on grades compared to ECs than in the US. TSA + Interviews matter a lot.

I have a few questions, and would greatly appreciate all help:

  1. While going through a PPE interview questionnaire I came across various Economics - related questions outside of what I will be taught at school.
    Are there any resources that would help me prepare for these / some books I should read that would help?

  2. What else does Oxford look at while evaluating applicants? Are there any courses I should take/ activities I should do to improve my chances?

I will be studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, and Economics in the 11th and 12th grade in the CBSE curriculum.

Thank you.

Start with the obvious: the PPE section of the Oxford site: How To Prepare | PPE

It really is pretty comprehensive.

Remember that no Econ background is assumed, so don’t fixate on whatever questionnaires you have found. Remember that in interviews they on purpose ask you questions that you are not meant to have studied yet: they want to see how you process taking what you do know and applying / extending it to something new. People get into PPE without having taking any Econ at all.

That said, if you aren’t already reading the Economist every week, get started now!